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Counselling Courses

LC&CTA Combined L2 & L4 Certificate in Substance Misuse

This innovative and unique course will provide you with comprehensive knowledge in relation to Substance Misuse and its effects on individuals and families, and communities and society in general.

Duration: 4 days + follow-up   Cost: £380.00   Next: Please contact

CPCAB Level 3 Certificate in Life Coaching Studies

The role of a life coach is focused on facilitating change and this course applies the key elements of the CPCAB model, together with empirical research finding; this has resulted in a course that will not only help you apply the theory of life coaching but will experientially develop your practitioner skills and ability to highly effective levels.

Duration: 18 weeks   Cost: £895.00   Next: March, 2019

Introduction to Counselling Skills

This course is for anyone who works or is interested in working with other people in the statutory or voluntary sector. It will also be of benefit to any professional who wishes to enhance her/his communication skills and/or develop sound basic counselling skills. On this course a large element of the work is based on experiential learning and observation and it involves commitment to personal development; this course is often life changing and enhancing.

Duration: 12 weeks   Cost: £480.00   Next: 10 January, 2019

Intermediate Certificate in Counselling Skills

This course builds on what students have learned during the 'Introduction to Counselling' Course and is for anyone who works or is interested in working with other people in a wide variety of professions.

The course helps you to further develop your practical counselling skills, looks deeper in to counselling theory, particularly client-centred philosophy and will be of great benefit to those who wish to improve their relationships with others.

Duration: 24 weeks   Cost: £595.00   Next: 07 January, 2019

Certificate in the Use of Dramatherapy Techniques in Counselling

The course explores the theory and practice of Dramatherapy and other creative methods, giving practitioner participants an understanding of creative approaches and theatrical techniques useable within the therapeutic process. This is an experiential course and will involve practical Dramatherapy and creative exercises.

Duration: 6 months   Cost: £500.00   Next: Please contact

Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies

This is the Foundation Course which provides entry into professional counsellor training. It is for anyone who wishes to continue to develop their theoretical understanding of counselling, further develop their counselling skills and continue to enhance their understanding of self and others.

This is also the course which provides access to those applicants who subsequently wish to train as Professional Counsellors.

Duration: 1 year   Cost: £895.00   Next: 07 January, 2019

Higher Professional Diploma in Counselling

This course leads to professional qualification as a counsellor. The course is accredited by the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP).

The course engages you in a vigorous experiential and self-explorative learning process and you must be willing to commit yourself fully to the personal, professional, theoretical understanding and academic developmental process. The course is highly life changing and enhancing but such transition can be difficult and emotionally painful.

Duration: 2 Academic Years   Cost: £9450.00   Next: 11 September, 2019

Certificate in Counselling Supervision

This course is for Qualified Counsellors & Psychotherapists who wish to expand their clinical practice to include the supervision of other counsellor’s in practice.

You will be introduced to a variety of Supervision models and will learn which model best suits your personal, professional and clinical philosophy and practice. Therefore, this course is not counselling approach specific but is open to candidates regardless of their practice model. You will also learn how to effectively supervise others in their movement toward becoming effective, reflective practitioners.

The cost of the course includes the 5 hours of external supervision you are required to have to cover your supervision practice whilst in training and LC&CTA can also provide you with up to 3 supervisees.

Duration: 1 year   Cost: £1600.00   Next: 19 September, 2019

Autogenic Mindfulness Training (AMT)

This training is for anyone who wants to benefit from gaining the self-help tools to manage stress in the present and to develop a strategy and the resilience to reduce stress for life.

Duration: 6 weeks   Cost: £210.00   Next: Please contact
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