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Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Self Development Courses and Workshops run throughout the year, often at the request of our students. If any course or workshop you would like to attend is not listed below, please do not hesitate to call us as we attempt to meet requests whenever possible.

CPD Workshops

Getting to the Hunger

The course delivers a comprehensive overview of eating disorders and their presentations in the clinical setting. Participants will learn the different types of eating disorders and their treatment.

Duration: 1 day   Cost: £70.00   Next Date: Please contact

Setting up in Private Practice

A 1-day workshop to assist counsellors and psychotherapists to set-up an effective private practice.

Duration: 1 day   Cost: £70.00   Next Date: Please contact

Anger Releasing Workshop

The Workshop experientially explores the various ways in which anger can be expressed and the ways in which to work most effectively with others who need to expressively release Anger.

Duration: 1 day   Cost: £80.00   Next Date: Please contact

Understanding Suicide and Suicide Prevention

This one-day Workshop tells professionals what to watch out for and how to respond to any warning signs in order to effectively facilitate suicide prevention.

Duration: 1 day   Cost: £70.00   Next Date: Please contact

Working Therapeutically with LGB Clients

The aim of this workshop is to provide an over view of sexual orientation issues faced by LGB community members, with particular relevance by therapists that either want to increase their awareness, have just begun to work therapeutically with LGB clients or would like to move into working therapeutically with LGB community members.

Duration: 1 day   Cost: £75.00   Next Date: Please contact

Introduction to Mental Health Issues

A 1-day workshop which provides an overview of the Mental Health Act, the use of the DSM IV and explores general Mental Health Issues.

Duration: 1 day   Cost: £70.00   Next Date: Please contact

Introduction to Focusing-Oriented Therapy Day 2 (FOT)

Duration:   Cost: £70.00   Next Date: Please contact

Introduction to Focusing-Oriented Therapy Day 1 (FOT)

Duration: 1 day   Cost: £70.00   Next Date: Please contact

Assessment in Counselling & Psychotherapy

A 1-day workshop for anyone working in the helping professions who are assisting others in distress or in the pursuit of self understanding: teachers, social workers, nurses, care workers.

Duration: 1 day   Cost: £70.00   Next Date: Please contact

CPD Courses

Effective Facilitation of Therapeutic Groups

The course is ideal for counsellors/ youth or group workers or for any professionals currently working in a Therapeutic Group setting with their clients/service user. The course is also ideal for any professional who wants to learn how to effectively facilitate group work.
The course will build on any current knowledge you have and greatly enhance your therapeutic group/group facilitation skills and will further assist you in becoming an effective group facilitator of Support groups/Personal development groups and Professional-development groups.

Duration: 10 weeks   Cost: £350.00   Next Date: Please contact

LC&CTA Combined L2 & L4 Certificate in Substance Misuse

This innovative and unique course will provide you with comprehensive knowledge in relation to Substance Misuse and its effects on individuals and families, and communities and society in general.

Duration: 4 days + follow-up   Cost: £380.00   Next Date: Please contact

Self Development Weekend Workshops

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