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LC&CTA keeps a close association with and interest in the career development of many of our previous students. We also take an active part in helping our students take their place in our profession.

Here is a random sample of 10 of our previous students' professional successes:

Where are they now?

Charlotte Pool

Year: 2009

Charlotte Pool continues to work in a South London Counselling Agency.

Candy Fathers

Year: 2007

Candy Fathers is in the final year of taking her Certificate in Education and is a Tutor at LC&CTA. She also works as a counsellor for two South London Counselling Agencies.

Martin Williams

Year: 2008

Martin Williams qualified in 2008 now works as a sessional counsellor for the Enrichment Team at Lewisham College and as a Mentor for the Stephen Lawerence Centre in Deptford.

Serena Mullings

Year: 2009

Serena Mullings qualified in 2009 and now works as both a sessional counsellor for LC&CTA and is the manager of an extensive multi-discipline project facilitating young offenders to turn their lives around.

Lisa Bent and Tony Donohue

Year: 2009

Lisa Bent and Tony Donohue achieve their Masters Degrees in Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Paul Moody

Year: 2008

Paul Moody qualified in 2008 now works as a part-time Mentor at the Stephen Lawerence Centre in Deptford.

Angela Sweeney

Year: 2008

Angela Sweeney qualified in 2008 set up and works as the Agency Manager of Quaggy Community Counselling Service.

Carey Buchannan

Year: 2010

Carey Buchannan works one evening a week as a counsellor for a community project in Clapham Junction that focuses on issues such as depression, anxiety, relationships and sexuality amongst other things; she will be starting a part time post with this Agency in a few weeks. Carey also works with Place 2Be at a school in Southwark and continues her employment as a social worker for 2 days per week.

Leon Gayle

Year: 2006

Leon Gayle works as a counsellor with male offenders.

Stuart Cameron


Stuart Cameron works with male perpetrators of domestic abuse and supports their partners/ex partners.

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